Two people riding ATVs

What you should know when looking at ATVs for sale in Canada

ATVs have many fun and even more practical uses. ATVs have begun to replace many other farm assets such as horses to herd cattle. With added atv accessories, tractors are no longer needed to plow snow off driveways, and trucks to haul materials around the farm. The inherent dangers of ATVs are even more apparent now than even a quarter century ago. It’s therefore important to know how to prevent injury.

Any responsible ATV dealers in Ontario will tell you that the best way to prevent life-threatening injuries while using an ATV is to ensure you have a proper, secure fitting, ATV helmet. ATV helmets in Canada are not required by law. This lack of a law, and the high speeds contribute to high accident rates which need to be considered when buying your ATV accessories. A 2004 study involving all-terrain vehicles in Alberta has reported that ATV accidents “have now become more frequent on Alberta farms than those involving tractors” (Calgary Herald, 2004). Injuries to the head were the most common site of those related to ATVs.

Many ATV owners in Canada buy ATVs because it’s a part of their lifestyle. It’s hard to keep children off of the powerful machines, even if they’re used for work and not play. The best thing we can do to protect children is to provide the right ATV accessories and ATV helmets to protect them, and educate them on proper use and speeds. Manufacturers are doing their best to ensure ATVs can handle rough terrain and heavy loads better than ever. With the addition of properly installed ATV tires such as ATV mud tires for sloppy terrain, you can provide additional safety and prevent being thrown or trapped.

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