Kokanee Express Camping Trailer

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Wild Bill’s RV and Powers Sports has a wide variety of camper trailers sales in Ontario Canada and we promise to give you the best price for next purchase of a used camper trailer anywhere in Canada. We are one of the only RV and ATV dealers in Canada and we have been expanding our business over the years to include a multitude of camper trailer sales Ontario Canada. We proudly display every angle possible on all our used camper and camping trailers for sale so that you can have the best look possible.

Visit our inventory of camping trailers to see if we have one you might be interested in. If you find a camper that tickles your fancy but you want more information on it or if you need more photographs of that particular RV trailer, just call us and we will gladly take more pictures and post them on this website. If you feel you’ve found the right camper trailer for you, feel free to compare our prices with anyone in Canada. We promise to have the best price for your next camper trailer and regardless of where in Canada you are located, you will find that the savings will be worth the trip and your ride back in your new RV trailer will be an adventure and a BLAST.

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